Don’t mourn

Einen Kommentar habe ich mir heute früh schon zurecht formuliert.
Aber der ist besser (von Stacey Blatt):

joehillDear Friends,
Yes, I am in shock. But I am trying to be constructive.
Trump’s victory reflects and empowers anti-immigrant, racist, and sexist forces. We know this is not just in America. We all need to think about how to resist this. What can we do creatively and non-violently to change this direction? What can we do in our daily lives, in Duisburg, in Germany, in Europe?
The very least we can do is make sure that we show up on Monday, December 5 (18:30-19:30) at the Duisburg Bahnhofsplatz and show what we stand for.
Good luck to us all,


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